Re: The Iron Curtain Descends On Europe

Source: The Iron Curtain Descends: Dutch Political Police Repress Internet Immivasion Dissent
Peter Brimelow has remarked how in the middle to late part of the Cold War his wife asked him what he thought of their future. He told her he thought they would probably all end up in the Gulag as the it appeared the Soviets were winning. Ironically, whilst the Soviets lost, it doesn’t mean the Communist lost. As Europe has become more bureaucratic and socialist since the end of the Cold War with even the Conservative Parties appearing to be little more than adjuncts of the Socialist, one might say with sound reason that the Communist have almost overcome all of Europe. In fact, with suppression of people who sought to expose the devastation and displacement of European nationalities by immigrants occurring across Europe, quiet obviously, a Pink Curtain has indeed fallen across Europe.

Indeed, its readily apparent this Pinko coalition of Socialists, “Conservatives”, and Liberals which govern most of the European States and dominate the European Union are hell bent on genocide of the all European nations. Merkel’s treasonous act of opening Germany up to mass Islamic colonization and standing down its armed forces as been followed across Europe with suppression of the robbery, rape, murder, and mayhem caused by the Moslems colonists. As Dan Alex has reported, it has now come to the Dutch police visiting the homes of those who express dissent by speech. In the UK, major newspapers like The Guardian are refusing to allow debate about immigration or islam, and the coordination by the Pink Coalition and media to hound and destroy the lives of anyone who does.

Peter Brimelow’s earlier assertions appear to be prescient if off by a generation. Fortunately, there yet lies one group in the West ready to resist, armed Americans. It is not coincidental that the Obama Administration has launched a combined agitation-propaganda campaign to limit the ability to purchase, own, and arm firearms. As the rest of Europe descends into savage barbarian attacks apparently at the behest of European rulers, one can see why.  With acts to embargo writers, authors, radio hosts, and politicians, even a possible future President from entering Europe, we are looking at the nightmare of Americans leaders from the 20th century becoming a reality: Europe has been occupied entirely by the enemies of Freedom. The next target is us. The Gulag indeed is approaching. Get ready.



May 2015 UK Elections

The general assessment of the May 2015 UK Parliamentary election was one of surprising victory for the Conservative Party led by David Cameron. It appears the decisive cause of this unforeseen victory was the last minute changes of voters who went Conservative out of fear of the Labour Party. In general it was thought a Labour Party led ministry would be of disastrous evil for the UK. On the other hand, the slim margin of victory for the Conservative Party is thought to derive from its status in the minds of such voters as the lesser of two evils. Unlike in the UK, the more openly leftist of our two major parties in the USA is hard pressed to bring about the wholesale subversive changes the UK faced under a Labour government headed by Ed Milliband. Whereas in the USA a large section of voters do NOT vote for the lesser of two evils, the apparent threat posed by the Labour Party seems to have caused many voters to vote for the lesser of two evils, the Conservative Party. The question now is what will the Conservative Party accomplish with this slight majority? Undoubtedly they will idiotically put tremendous amounts of political capital in relatively worthless economic measures such as more austerity, even more cuts in welfare, more cuts in defense, more cuts in the foreign services, etc. But the reality is Brexit, Scotland, Immigration, the looming power of a European Super State, and an expanding fifth element of foreign especially Moslem nationalities will be the prime issues the next ministry will have to deal. Cameron has his work cut out for him.

The Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland faces dissolution, with a Scottish National Party being everything but Scottish and Nationalistic, whilst England faces imminent and long planned provincialisation into regions, and all combined with the whole Island swamped into a super Eurostate Continental system. Considering this present state of affairs is one which historically generations of British fought for centuries to stop from occurring, its apparent imminent threat out of the blue is stark reminder of the stakes facing the British people. Consequently, in May the British voters decided to vote for the party which was least likely to cause catastrophic damages when facing the looming crisis up ahead like so many icebergs in the ocean.

As a result of the election and the bare majority of the Conservative party, The Scottish National Party (SNP) will continue to agitate for Scottish exit (Scexit) and even closer ties and subjugation to the EU (Scubjugate), may even demand another referendum on either subject, will institute blatantly communist measures in local government, will demand more devolutionary powers and ultimately threaten take over of various powers now under control of the central government including abolition of the British nuclear weapons and the Royal submarines in Scotland. Whilst the rest of the country is adamant about ending immigration as we know it, the SNP is actually demanding more immigrants, especially to Scotland. Indeed, they are threatening to negotiate separately with the EU to import this new large helot labour force. The SNP’s radicalization is so much that despite the rest of the Union being opposed to these measures it appears even the majority of Scottish voters are opposed to this measures. The threat to the UK and especially England is grave, and the center of gravity of the threat seems to emanate from the SNP.

Indeed, if it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable considering how the most ancient policies of long dead generations are being proved correct. As first Ireland going anti-British and joining a mostly Catholic European Superstate, now Scotland is threatening to reestablish a modern version of the “Auld Alliance” with the EU. To top it off, the division of England into provinces, a dream initiated by Rome 2,000 years ago and rediscovered by Napoleon is openly discussed as the future of England by all factions of the political ruling class. Thus, Scotland is merely the next strategic front of an overall ongoing anti-British and especially anti-English movement. The goal of which is subjugation of the islands under tyranny and its reduction of the sovereign to one of mere representation of a corporate welfare marketing scheme.

Given the rather retiring pink conservativeness of David Cameron, a coalition of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP), and other right wing elements within the Conservative Union Party is the only group which has the wherewithal to face the SNP. As the SNP initiates crisis after crisis, the Right-Wing will in true Belfast fashion meet their call and escalate it further. Cameron will be forced to deal with their other demands whilst balancing political expediency to keep Scotland from causing a constitutional crisis, all the while negotiating with the EU!

Meanwhile, the same coalition of right wing groups and libertarians within the marginal Parliamentary majority of the Conservatives will ensure a brake is put on the Conservatives more idiotic policies especially regarding the authoritarianism demanded by Theresa May. Given the increasing resistance of the British people to further centralized security measures, the likelihood of May successfully putting in more authoritarian measures is lessened considerably. Her most likely route in doing so will be if it is limited in scope and focused wholly on alien population groups, especially the Moslem and Eastern European foreign communities. For instance, the DUP and UUP will not tolerate further modernized centralized and tyrannical police measures with the lackluster success of the North Irish Police Service serving as an example. Ironically but not surprisingly they will be joined in this by Sein Fein, even if their MPs aren’t present, given the fact they have received the brunt of much of past “security” measures. As a result, Cameron will have to satisfy the Right wings growing Libertarian principles and opposition to further centralization whilst mitigating demands from the SNP for more devolutionary powers.

Against this domestic backdrop of argument over future national security measures, simultaneously, UKIP will join this right wing coalition in the Conservative governing majority in pressuring Cameron on a quick Brexit. Although, considering the ongoing implosion of the British diplomatic corps, it is likely Brexit has been decided at the highest levels, Cameron still must manage the exit and such management will deal with attacks on his rear from the right within his own party who will demand a speedy exit. This pressure from the right immediately places him in opposition to the SNP which will likely increase its demands for separate negotiation for staying within the EU as the UK seeks Brexit.

Once again, how this EU crisis turns out depends on Scotland. The decision of the EU crisis then rests on what happens with the SNP. Alex Salmond, former leader of the SNP is once again threatening another referendum is needed. His similarly fish like named successor, Nichola Sturgeon is threatening to remain in the EU and laughably demanding to import vast numbers of foreign coolie labor to compete against her Scottish fellow subjects despite her calls for a new faux Scottish nationalism. Thus, there looks to be a likely constitutional crisis coming from the SNP section on the issue of Brexit and immigration as much as there will be on more devolution of powers. So while Cameron deals with global actors having freak out sessions about the imploding international order, negotiating with Continental European powers to exit EU whilst they desire to see the UK destroyed, establishing security systems to deal with the vast foreign element in the islands, and all doing so while UKIP and the right wing and libertarian elements are putting demands, he must also contend with the SNP doing everything to cause a constitutional crisis.

Overall, with this surprising but marginal victory against a backdrop of the implosion of the post-Empire new British Establishment, the bland Cameron cabinet ministry will continue going forward as a caretaker for an almost dead post-1964 ruling class. The old club men who ran an Empire and decided that without one wouldn’t it be grand to turn the UK into a mini-Empire, are now all practically dead. They have few successors, May perhaps being the closest in approaching their level of expertise. Rather, replacing them is a slightly less old swinging 60’s weirdo set which runs the Media and aspects of government. This pinko group of perverts don’t have the wherewithal to establish security measures to run the mini-Empire of squabbling nationalities imported onto the Island, and certainly don’t have the will to kick out the lot of colored foreign colonists should it come to it. With such a slight margin of control in Parliament by the Conservative Party, David Cameron and Theresa May have there work cut out for them as they attempt setting up some sort of institutionalization of an authoritarian deep state. Still, with this new government perhaps another few years have been granted to organize and get done what is required to save the Union and make up for the vast mistakes done in the last fifty years, on the top of which is exiting the EU and ending the current immigration regime. Good luck to Cameron. Poor Cameron, he thought being a power broker would be fun all those years ago whilst drinking wine in Notting Hill.