Re: The Iron Curtain Descends On Europe

Source: The Iron Curtain Descends: Dutch Political Police Repress Internet Immivasion Dissent
Peter Brimelow has remarked how in the middle to late part of the Cold War his wife asked him what he thought of their future. He told her he thought they would probably all end up in the Gulag as the it appeared the Soviets were winning. Ironically, whilst the Soviets lost, it doesn’t mean the Communist lost. As Europe has become more bureaucratic and socialist since the end of the Cold War with even the Conservative Parties appearing to be little more than adjuncts of the Socialist, one might say with sound reason that the Communist have almost overcome all of Europe. In fact, with suppression of people who sought to expose the devastation and displacement of European nationalities by immigrants occurring across Europe, quiet obviously, a Pink Curtain has indeed fallen across Europe.

Indeed, its readily apparent this Pinko coalition of Socialists, “Conservatives”, and Liberals which govern most of the European States and dominate the European Union are hell bent on genocide of the all European nations. Merkel’s treasonous act of opening Germany up to mass Islamic colonization and standing down its armed forces as been followed across Europe with suppression of the robbery, rape, murder, and mayhem caused by the Moslems colonists. As Dan Alex has reported, it has now come to the Dutch police visiting the homes of those who express dissent by speech. In the UK, major newspapers like The Guardian are refusing to allow debate about immigration or islam, and the coordination by the Pink Coalition and media to hound and destroy the lives of anyone who does.

Peter Brimelow’s earlier assertions appear to be prescient if off by a generation. Fortunately, there yet lies one group in the West ready to resist, armed Americans. It is not coincidental that the Obama Administration has launched a combined agitation-propaganda campaign to limit the ability to purchase, own, and arm firearms. As the rest of Europe descends into savage barbarian attacks apparently at the behest of European rulers, one can see why.  With acts to embargo writers, authors, radio hosts, and politicians, even a possible future President from entering Europe, we are looking at the nightmare of Americans leaders from the 20th century becoming a reality: Europe has been occupied entirely by the enemies of Freedom. The next target is us. The Gulag indeed is approaching. Get ready.



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